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Susken Rosenthal

Most of Susken Rosenthal' s conceptual artworks are based on the exploration of space and perception. Her large-scale installations are mostly set up temporarily in public spaces. They are developed in relation to the environment and its architectonical, social or natural characteristics. These artistic interventions are manipulating the place. The artistic work and the environment become a unity that changes the everyday function and the esthetics of the site. Often she uses anamorphic methods in order to irritate the perspective of the viewer. She also builds indoor installations that she develops specifically for different exhibition situations and which are dealing on a more abstract level about perception and proportion of space.
Depending on the different concepts she works with different materials and techniques such as wood, plastic and metal.

Her work as a curator is closely connected to her personal art work. These two acitivities influence each other. Since 1996 she is artistic director of Kunstpflug e.V.. KUNSTPFLUG is a non-profit artist-run initiative that is based in the countryside in the area Land Brandenburg in East Germany, just one hour South West of Berlin. The intention of KUNSTPFLUG is to produce contemporary art projects in public spaces of rural areas. These interdisciplinary, participatory and site-specific art projects are both contrasting to and reflecting typical local subjects based on the post-wall development such as demographical change in small cities in former GDR.
KUNSTPFLUG collaborates with national and international partners, curators and organizations.

Susken Rosenthal was born in Stuttgart. She graduated from the UdK Berlin (Academy of Fine Arts in Berlin West). She works and lives in Berlin and Land Brandenburg.


1879-86   Studies of fine art in Berlin (UdK), Florence (Italy) 1987-88   Post graduate stipendium at the California Institute of Arts, Los Angeles
1994   Work stipendium of Land Brandenburg
1996   Work stipendium of art foundation Baden-Württemberg
1997   Art prize of Land Brandenburg
2001   1st prize for artistic idea, competition for the representation of Land Brandenburg, Potsdamer Platz, Berlin
2002   Catalog grant from the Ostdeutsche Sparkassenstiftung
2004-06   Professor for grafic studies at the College of Design, Hochschule Dessau
2007   1st prize competition Kunstwanderweg Hoher Flaeming
2010   Artist residency, Künstlerhaus Schloss Wiepersdorf, Land Brandenburg
2012   Artist residencies in Finland (Saari Residence/Mietoinen and Platform/Vaasa)
2012   Artist residency in Kosice K.A.I.R., Slowakia
2013   Kamiyama Artist Residency, Japan
2015   Förderpreis für Bildende Kunst des Landes Brandenburg
2019   Artist residency, Bortolomiol SPA, Valdobbiadene, Italy

since1995   director of numerous international art projects for the artist initiative Kunstpflug in the area of Potsdam-Mittelmark, South Brandenburg

Installations and Exhibitions (selection)

(S= Single presentation)

1984   Football Drawings, Deutscher Sportbund, Frankfurt a.M. (S)
1990   Blue Pattern, Westwerk, Hamburg (S)
1992   Boomerang, KX Kunst auf Kampnagel, Hamburg (S)
1993   Nachtbogen, kunst-raum-straße, Galerie O2, Berlin (Catalog)
1994   5 Blicke auf die Wirklichkeit, Parochialkirche, Berlin
1994   Basic Space, Het Stroomhuis, Neerijnen, Holland (S)
1995   Here they come, Rathaus Tempelhof, Berlin (S)
1995   Konsum Projekt, Baitz(Catalog)
1995   Stipendiaten des Landes Brandenburg, Waschhaus, Potsdam (Catalog)
1996   The Window, Piano di Mommio, Italien (S)
1997   Kunsthaus Raskolnikoff, Dresden (S)
1997   Belziger Kunsttage, Belzig (Catalog)
1997   Brandenburgische Kunsttage , Drewen (Catalog)
1997   Förderpreisträger des Landes Brandenburg, Kunstspeicher, Potsdam (Catalog)
1998   Heimspiel, Städtisches Museum Schloß Reydt (Catalog)
1998   Petals IV (Zweierausstellung), Kunststiftung Baden-Württemberg, Stuttgart (S)
1999   Kunsthalle Vierseithof Luckenwalde (two people exibition)
1999   Doppelpaß, Springer-Passage, Hamburg (Catalog)
2000   Kunstfußball-Fußballkunst, Deutsches Olympiamuseum Köln (Catalog)
2000   Memory and Vision, Teil I, Panzerhalle, Groß-Glienicke
2001   Art is emotion, Galerie kunst-in-de-kerk, Nijmegen
2001   Memory and Vision, Teil II, Artist Residence Herzlya, Tel Aviv
2002   Verborgene Gärten, Landesgartenschau Wismar (Catalog)
2002   Die Melancholie als Gärtnerin, Buchholz
2002   Piotrkowska Festival, Lodz
2003   Cambio Constante IV, Zaragoza
2003   En Route, Kunst für Autofahrer, Teil I, Region Aragon (Catalog)
2003   En Route, Kunst für Autofahrer, Teil III, Lodz
2004   Stipendiaten des Landes Brandenburg, Brandenbg. Kunstsammlungen, Cottbus (Catalog)
2004   Dialog Loci, Küstrin, Polen (Catalog)
2004   Anpfiff, Opel Live Center, Rüsselsheim
2005   Ball im Kopf, Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe, Hamburg (Katalog)
2006   Die Schönheit der Chance, Institut für Moderne Kunst, Nürnberg
2006   Geld schießt keine Tore, Opelvillen, Rüsselsheim
2006   Normalnull, schwimmende Installationen, Berlin
2007   Unter Kiefern, Kunstwanderweg Hoher Flaeming, Land Brandenburg
2008   Haus Nr.9, Project Village Resort Brandenburg? im Stadtraum von Beelitz
2008   Aesthetics and Emotion, Galerie K, Freiburg
2009   Internal Compasses, SPACES, Cleveland, Ohio
2009   Social Structure, participative sculpture, Vox Populi, Belzig
2010   Wiepersdorfer Kasten, Künstlerhaus Schloss Wiepersdorf
2010   Nach draußen (towards outside), Faktor_L, Luisenforum Potsdam
2010   5760 Minutes-Synchronous Recordings, fortress Burg Eisenhardt Belzig (two people exibition)
2011   Andererseits, Schwules Museum, Berlin
2011   La Cascade, Festival Les Accroche-Coers, Angers, France
2012   Punainen ja Koivut, Installation, Saari Residence, Mietoinen, Finland (S)
2012   Finnish Dream, public art work, Vaasa, Finland (S)
2012   Mirage, public art work, Kosice, Slowakei (S)
2012   5 Octaeders, public art work, Montemor-o-Novo, Portugal (two people exibition)
2013   Some Ways Open Space, Project Upper Spaces/Lower Spaces, Haifa, Israel
2013   FIFA Worldcup 2006 series, Sports Spectator Exibition, Museum of Contemporary Photography, Chicago
2013   Mountain, Sofia Arsenal Museum of contemporary art, Watertower Art Festival, Sofia, Bulgaria
2013   Uusi Naapuri, On the thresholds of privacy, Mynämäki, Finland
2013   Kimono Stones, Kamiyama, Japan
2013/2014  Shimobun Cloud, Kamiyama, Japan (S)
2015   Irrläufer, Projekt Erratiker, Baitz
2015   Kern, Zwitschermaschine, Berlin (S)
2015   Abwicklung, Förderpreisträger d. Landes Brandenburg, Kunstmuseum Dieselkraftwerk, Cottbus (Catalog)
2016   Bodenprobe, Zechenpark Barsinghausen, IntraRegionale Hannover (Catalog)
2017   Flying Carpet, Darb1718 Art Center, Cairo
2017   Broken, Inter!m Festival, Grabenstetten
2018   Fountain, Park of Castle Kaarz, Mecklenburg
2019   Out and about, Kunstraum Retz, Austria
2019   Cocoon, Parco della Filandetta, Valdobbiadene, Italy
2020   Shaking Space, project space MAG3, Vienna
2021   Landeinwärts, Landtag Land Brandenburg, Potsdam
2022   Ausgespielt., Kunsthalle Bahnitz, Land Brandenburg


Susken Rosenthal, Raumerfahrungen - Installationen 1992-2002,
Editor Herbert Schirmer, Ostdeutsche Sparkassenstiftung 2002, ISBN 3-930382-73-3

Susken Rosenthal - Workin with Space 2003-2019, authors edition 2019

Realization of art projects as artistic director of Kunstpflug e.V.

1995   foundation of the art association Kunstpflug e.V. in the region of Hoher Fläming, Potsdam-Mittelmark, Brandenburg
1995   Konsum", art in former DDR-shops (with C. Hoffmann u. B. Maubrey)
1996-98   Baitz m. Klang (Baitz with sound), Sound art festival (cooperation with Giannozzo e.V., Berlin)
1997   Belziger Kunsttage, in the public space of Bad Belzig
1999   Areale 99 - Art in the industrial sector", Industral Objekts, machine art, performances, Brück- Linthe
2003   En Route - Art for drivers, Spanish-German-Polish cooperation project in Aragon (E), Hoher Fläming (D), Lodz (PL)
2005   Electronic Guys, Project with Benoit Maubrey and the Audio Gruppe, Beelitz-Heilstätten
2008-10   Leitung Kunsträume auf Burg Eisenhardt, Bad Belzig 2009   Vox Populi, Burg Eisenhardt, Bad Belzig
2009-10   Klangburg- Sound art exibition (cooperation with Singuhr, Berlin), Burg Eisenhardt, Bad Belzig
2011   On the thresholds of privacy / An den Schwellen von Brück, German-Finnish-Danish cooperation project in the public space of Brück, Land Brandenburg
2015   Project Erratiker, Scandinavian-German art project, Baitz, (with Otmar Sattel)

for further informations see:Kunstpflug