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Inter!m Art Festival Region Heidengraben
Grabenstetten, South Germany 2017

54 elements out of particle board each 250cm x 170cm on frames, fixed on 150 posts, acrylic paint, expansion about 300m2

The landscape plateau of the Schwäbische Alb where the festival took place once was inhabited by the Celts. There are a number of round deepenings in the fields. They are witnesses of broken limestone caves created by erosion.

From the distance the installation is hardly visible because it is situated inside of one of these deepenings. As you get closer to the site it appears unexpectedly from the ground. The installation simulates the crash of the cave. 54 panels are symbolizing the former cave ceiling. The top sides are painted with green color like the fields, the bottom sides with a dark shining magenta. They seem to float horizontally over the trough´s surface, displayed on posts that are compensating the difference in height.
What we see is the state of collapse that has already taken place. A large number of panels seem to have fallen down from the posts. It is a chaotic scene composed of upside and bottom side panels that are protruding from the trough. They are facing each other in different angles showing different shades and color nuances changing during the daylight.

While you are leaving the installation is swallowed again by the landscape.