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 Project NormalNull


about 500 forms made from PE-tubes, silvergrey, diameter between 20 - 300 cm, Total Size: 100sqm

The Spree river channel is flowing through the city center of Berlin. On its side is situated the contemporary Ministry of Foreign Affairs (before Central Comittee of the socialist party of the GDR). Ships donīt pass here, policemen are patrouilling.
Due to the mixed-water sewage system up to 45000 m3 of uncontrolled sewage water per year flow into the Spree river and the channels in Berlin. So it not recommended to swim here because of the water pollution.
On the surface of the channel in front of the Ministery building is floating a huge foam carpet. An “ accident “ of the sewage system could be associated as the reason for the foam. The structure consists of numerous rings made from polyethylen tubes. So it is in fact an oil carpet.
The over-sized bubbles transform the location into a surreal, apocalyptic panorama picture. The floating structure is downscaling the minimalistic repetitive architecture on the riverbank. At the same time thebuildings form a unity together with the floating structure on the Spree channel. The sizes and numbers of the circles follow the harmonic system of Fibonacci numbers.
The structure was fixed to the river banks and stayed there for 2 months.

International Art Festval Normal Null, Berlin 2006
The exibition was organized by Buero Schwimmer, Berlin 2006. More informations about the project under "NORMAL NULL"